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  Mr. Jianming Cong
ext. 611
cell: 13701215953
Air-Express Imports  
It is our speciality that handling import customs clearance, quarantine declaration, import of office appliance, duty-free declaration, hazardous product declaration, shipment for bonded warehouse , air and land bonded transit, exhibition & demo shipment. All of our operations work on a first come and urgent service basis. Special case can have exceptions. Our flexible
and diversified operation is specially assigned to accomplish all complicated formalities and deliver the shipment to our client as soon as possible. We had ever gone through customs clearance within 4 hours.

Air Export  
Our company and have established excellent cooperation with many other domestic and international airlines, such as Air China、Air Canada, China Southern Airline, Dragon Air, FedEx, and others. We are familiar with export operations for various trade style and possess professional handling capabilities for
hazardous products, fresh/spoilable products, precision instruments, computer, electrical apparatus and telecommunication equipments, etc. Anytime, anywhere, we will provide excellent and service for our clients within 24hours.
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