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  Mr. Jianming Cong
ext. 611
cell: 13701215953
  Our company has multiple agent companies in Hong Kong to provide our clients with various logistics services. In situations where the client has does not have affiliations with Hong Kong, our agents can act for the client in arranging all import/export transit, customs clearance, and provide storage service. Our Southeast Asia service network also includes Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea. We also have a North American (Canada/ USA) network, an European area network (excluding Eastern Europe), as well as a Middle East, North /South Africa, and Oceania network. These networks have been continuously providing our clients with FOB transportation, delivering goods right to the door, freight collect, and other logistics services. Our competitive prices and our meticulous and well-planned service have attracted many foreign businesses to use our international transport agency services for a long time.  
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