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  Mr. Jianming Cong
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Service Principles  
    Use our close and personal service to increase the worth of your product.
               ———— Your enterprise can always depend on Wan Xun.

Wan Xun International Logistics Co., Ltd. received the approval of the department heads from Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Beijing Transportation Management Bureau, Beijing Customs and many others, is the international logistics enterprise. Our company's registered capital is
5000,000 RMB. Logistics services we provide include import/export business, international and domestic logistics, international freight forwarding, and others. We are professional international suppliers. Our company has warehouse for ordinary cargo, turnover storage warehouse, bonded warehouse, in-land motorcade and other modernized logistics facilities. We also have highly educated international logistics and business professionals on staff.

In the realm of international logistics, our corporation already has 10 years of professional experience. Starting in 1994, our company has continually provided service for several 10 companies, some of which are internationally famous. We have provided international and domestic third party logistics synthesis services, international freight services, import/export agent services, international stock, insurance agent services, etc.. Over the past 10 years our corporation has provided service for many foreign enterprises whose products have entered the Chinese market. We have provided fast and high quality logistics services for products including computers, electronic equipments, communications merchandises, medical equipments, measuring instruments and others.

Depending on the length of time since the establishment of international freight agency's system and domestic logistics network as well as our specific understanding to the product, our company can provide an import/export logistics scheme tailored to the product. We can offer professional service tailored to the products need, and will provide meticulous logistics with a professional unique style at every sector along your product's transit. Our knowledge of custom's rules and regulations combined with our technological capabilities effectively shortens the client's product import/export time period. Furthermore our clients will gain the most convenience to promote their products on the market. Our same-day express service is further able to save the client's valuable time. Our service system will free the client
from the hassle of detailed logistics, thus giving our client the time and energy to take part in intense market competition day by day.

Our company has worked long times with airlines and port administration departments and maintained good operations relations with them. In the aspects of customs clearance、examination reports, and international freight etc., we can provide fast and convenient professional service. By right of our own strength and a good funding channel, our logistics services have almost reached ten million RMB, and it continues to steadily increase.

Our company has persistently placed its clients as its first priority. This is its first and most important principle. We have committed ourselves to becoming an integral international business and third party logistics supplier so as to build and become the omni-directional service platform for international products entering the Chinese market.

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