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General Knowledge of Freight and Import/Export

I.The Door Sizes of Different Airplanes and Acceptable Sizes of Goods

Unit: CM

The Type of The Plane Size of The Back Door Size of The Front door Size of The Door for Bulk-Cargo Acceptable Sizes for Goods Collecting
MD - 82 135 X 75 125 X 65   180 X 120 X60
MD - 90 135 X 72 125 X 62   180 X 120 X60
A - 320 120 X 180 110 X 170    
B737 - 300 85 X 120 75 X 110   200 X 100 X 70
B757 - 200 110 X 140 100 X 130   120 X 100 X 100
FK - 100 75 X 65 65 X 55    
Chart - 154 135 X 80 125 X 70    
B - 146 135 X 76 125 X 66    
B767 - 200 Board/Container 120 X 90 300 X 200X 162
A - 300 Board/Container 120 X 90 300 X 200X 162
A - 340 Board/Container 120 X 90 300 X 200X 162
MD - 11 Board/Container 120 X 90 300 X 200X 162

Please Note:

a. For the FK-100 plane, the weight of a good should not exceed 80KG.
b. For other planes that carry bulk, the weight of each piece of freight should not exceed    150KG.
c. When loading the goods, size regulations should be considered.
d. If a single piece of freight is over 50KG, it is best to provide padding for the freight.

II. The Domestic Airlines which Transport Boards/Containers are:

From Beijing to: Changsha, Chengdu, Dalian, Guiyang, Haikou, Hangzhou, Harbin, Kunming, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Sanya, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Urumqi, Wenzhou, Xiamen and Xi'an. Please note: Because airline companies may change the type of planes, the clients must consult the related airline companies before delivering the goods. This excludes routes to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Dalian. This instruction is a reference. All details should be confirmed with the actual plane arrangement.

III. According to the requirements of the American Agriculture Department, the containers of the goods exported to U.S.A. should be fumigated for 48 hours in the quarantine department at the place of export before shipment. The original copy of certification of fumigation and the air-freight bill should be sent to the port, otherwise the goods can not be cleared through customs.

IV. All imports from the U.S.A., Japan, Korea and E.U. should have certifications of non-wood packaging signed by the exporters, or certification of fumigation signed by the local agriculture department. These related certifications should be sent with the freight bill to the port, otherwise the import quarantine application cannot be completed.

V. Domestic airlines do not carry any dangerous goods.

VI. If the exports are raw chemicals and liquid, farinose or other finished chemicals, the appraisal certifications of dangerous goods or non-dangerous goods must be signed by related organizations authorized by the airline companies before delivery.

VII. Than 166.67KG per cubic meter, the freight charge is still equal to 166.67KG per cubic meter.

VIII. If sending imports express, the good's value declared by the express company at the place of export will be displayed in customs computer system. The value should not be changed when declaring the import. When importing, customs will only consider the goods value which has been declared by the collecting person or agent.

IX. For all goods to be returned, the formal customs declaration procedure must be completed. After completing this step, you must use the documents returned by customs to handle the return procedure. Without the formal customs declaration or by only using the simple EDI customs declaration procedure, the goods cannot be returned.

X. The foreign companies or business organizations can only import their required amount of office equipment. All other products or parts should be imported through domestic companies that have import/export rights authorized by the state governments. The foreign companies or the Beijing offices of foreign business organizations should not collect the import carriage bill of such goods.

XI. If temporarily imported good for demonstration are sold, the related customs declaration procedures should be handled. When declaring, the goods value should be the same as the value declared at the time of importation.

XII. For goods which security and quality certification or related product examinations are required, it is suggested that clients import by air. If importing by ship, the checking and quarantine procedure may not be handled when importing or returning goods, due to the different regulations of goods inspection and quarantine between countries. Moreover, if the temporary import goods are carried by ship, the period of validity for goods staying in the import country will be longer than that of importing by air, due to the longer period of time spent waiting for the return bills from customs.

More freight knowledge can be found at: http://www.chinabig.com.cn/zhs/business/distribution/knowledge/index.htm
Please feel free to contact our company if you want to know more about regulations, policies or laws about customs and product quarantine.
All the information above is just for reference. The suggestions and descriptions of related import/export policies, regulations and laws should be confirmed with the formal documents distributed by the state government.

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