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  Mr. Jianming Cong
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Agency Service  
From our perspective, the most ordinary service measures the quality of an enterprise's service. Our agency service is the core of our whole logistics processes so as to ensure benefits to the client. Based on our deeply understanding on the contract and product at the beginning, and preparing certification documents at the end, we will consider the best way to benefit the client throughout the process, and carefully look at every section in our service to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences or lose to our client. Business agency service is one of our best services. Every year our turnover
of business agency was more than ten million USD. Our main services of trade agency include temporary/demo imports and normal trade imports/exports.

International Stock  
In using our logistics services to help international products enter the Chinese market we have established well relations with many famous international companies. With the approaching year, in response to domestic client's demands we have created many distribution agencies for international electronic communication product manufacturers. In satellite
communications and medical treatment equipment we have a definite price advantage. Our company provided purchasing negotiation and contract execution services for large-scale domestic consumers, acted as an agent for manufacturers such as the ND SATCOM、SIEMENS (German)、FLUKE (American)、VARIAN (Australian), etc.

Bonded Warehouse  
Our company can offer package service in bonded warehouses and service station, including industrial and commercial registration as well as customs registration, warehouse operations management, provide place and personnel, etc. Our company has a very extensive history in the management of warehouses. We now have over 10 cooperation station
warehouses. We can also offer import & export services for public bonded warehouses.

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