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  Mr. Jianming Cong
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Domestic Sales Services as An Import Agency  
The core of our import business is domestic sales service as an import agency. We have possessed of qualification of VAT taxpayer that is different from the qualification of import & export business obtained by other forwarder or logistic company. That means, our company could provide more trade services than other forwarder and logistics company. The import, demo and sales of your products will be completed by one logistic supplier — WXI.

Our company will provide extent trade services for the overseas manufacturers in the most integrated logistic platform.
Our company can handle all the related sales service for the overseas manufacturers who do not yet have direct or large-scale sales agents in China. We can help them simplify the sales procedure and begin to act as your sales agent in China as well as your proxy after signing import and domestic sales contracts between us as soon as you reach a sales agreement with your customers. According to the terms of your individual contracts, we also provide you with the following services: opening letters of credit, payments for goods, issuing value –VAT invoice and the rest of all other necessary trade services.

At present, the following products are being sold in our company: satellite communication devices, video and audio broadcast devices, environmental protection testing apparatus, medical equipment, internet access communication devices and other industry control devices.

We will serve you whole-heartedly in order to provide overseas companies and professional manufacturers, who wish to promote themselves in Chinese markets, with highly integrated sales services. We also hope work with you to create a stable and expanding domestic market in China. We welcome the cooperation of domestic import agents. With our superior resources, we can fill in the gap between domestic trade companies and the overseas products.

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