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  Mr. Jianming Cong
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Twenty-Four Hour Swift Action  
Whenever you call us,we will provide you with logistics services twenty-four hours a day(we will work everyday without holidays or days off). You can also inquire for the status of your shipment at any time. Our company also handles many large-scale urgent clearance operations. We can go through customs clearance in as little as four hours and deliver the
goods on the same day. Because of our long and steady relations with many airlines, we have clear superiority in space booking. We will do our best o let everyone know we have top quality service. We are always waiting for your phone call.

Temporary/Demo Shipment  
We have established a complete set of logistics solution schemes for new products trying to enter the Chinese market. This includes a plan for the round-trip transportation, insurance service, import and export agency service, customs clearance, domestic logistics service, contract execution at later stage, and covering of all services for exhibition and demo shipment.
Special services include consultation and suggestions related to policy and rule of law, as well as guidance and help on preparing relative certification and documents. We will arrange everything carefully for your products, and ensure the customs clearance, testing, display and selling for your products will be safe, quick, and easy. We provide pertinent service according to the products specifications. By the right of the strength of our high quality service, we will solve each of the problems you come across one at a time. In the area of third-party logistics services, we are your worldwide logistics department.

Entire Journey FOB Transport  
We offer transport service for FOB shipment to domestic manufacturers and vendors. We have developed reliable agents over the whole country and throughout Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, North America and Oceania. Through the comprehensive service network, we
can provide door-to-door service for our global customers. FOB transport service not only save transport cost for our client, but also avoid the difficulty in cargo tracking. As there are too many sectors along transportation, the product or documents may be easy to lost or damage. For the domestic consignee, the FOB method is the most direct operation in delivering goods.

International Logistics for Film Equipment  
Film equipment, props and film import/export logistics are different from most other cargo. The logistics work is often random and the service requirements will be more complicated. We provide film logistics services 24 hours a day. No matter how difficult the requirements of the client are, we will try our best to make the client satisfied. These past 10 years we have worked with and developed cooperation relationships with domestic and international film field. Furthermore we have provided a first-rate logistics services and worked for Hollywood and Hong Kong's film companies, becoming the international logistics supplier appointed by domestic and international film companies and production units.
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