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Temporary Import  

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Normal Import

A. The business character of import & export should be clearly defined by client. Chinese Customs and quarantine have different regulations for various imports and exports. Required documents are also different. We will define the character of business according to the information and your import/export purpose.

B. If the shipment details or the previously submitted documents have any changes, please advise us ahead of time. After related import/export services are completed, correcting mistakes will be extremely difficult. There are some procedures that cannot be changed. Furthermore the shipment may be unable to be picked up or forwarded on time, and the client will be billed extra charges due to mistake corrected.

C. All of the information and documents the client provides must be detailed and exact. Descriptions should not be simply written and the meaning should not be unclear. For very specialized products, it is best that an instruction booklet and other related technical manual is included. The product's specific model type and detail value must be in accordance with the product. All contents of the provided documents must correlate with the product.

D. Before the product is forwarded, it is best that the client provides us with all relevant information and documents. We will look through and confirm all documents, and amend it according to related regulations.

E. The client must respect and be in accordance with requirements of Chinese law and policy. If the provided documents violate any Chinese rules and regulations, the client will take responsibility for any and all legal obligations and economic losses. This includes taking all responsibility for repercussions relating to the Wan Xun Int'l Logistics Co., Ltd., including economic losses.

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